About us


Врати от ковано желязоMETAL DESIGN GROUP LTD was established by Kalin Nenchev and associates. After graduating in construction and architecture he began to work with wrought iron in 1993 as a hobby, having the idea to diversify the architecture projects of that time. In those days there was no place from where catalogues for this type of products could be supplied. He drew models and produced by himself the greater part of them in order to enter more deeply into the subject. Artist by nature and aesthete by soul with innate flair for the beautiful and much zest – this makes him a master in the creation of unique and exquisite products of wrought iron.
In 1995 he registered sole-owned company for products of wrought iron. At the beginning the demand was weak but the company was gradually expanded. The customers brought new customers and the work began to go well.

Мебели от ковано желязоCurrently METAL DESIGN GROUP LTD is a company, recognized on the market with honesty, quality, good prices and met terms. It offers wide range of hand and machine made wrought products, finishing the architecture of any building and highlighting the individuality of the client. A team of architects, designers and excellent specialists develop individual projects to satisfy the preference of each client who desires to have something different.
The company also works under catalogue.
For 15 years of hard work hundreds of sites in the entire country were built. METAL DESIGN GROUP LTD is longtime participant in construction exhibitions.

Изработка на огради от ковано желязоWhat do you earn if you order with us?

Honesty, high quality, reasonable price, good discounts for quantity, written warranty for the product of the company and free transport.